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BSRA seminar series

Seminar: Endogenous DNA Damage as a Driver of Ageing

06/Jun/24 – Professor Laura Niedernhofer (University of Minnesota, USA)

BSRA seminar series

Autophagy as an anti-aging programme

04/Jul/24 – Dr Viktor Korolchuk (Newcastle University, UK)

BSRA seminar series

Seminar: Talk title TBC

02/May/24 – Dr Adam Frost (Altos Labs, USA)

BSRA seminar series

Seminar: Neuroendocrine strategies to tackle aging

04/Apr/24 – Professor Claudia Cavadas (University of Coimbra, Portugal)

Seminar: Programming longevity in the fruit fly

01/Feb/24 – Professor Nazif Alic (UCL, UK)

BSRA seminar series

Seminar: Effects of mid-life activities and cardiovascular health on late-life cognition: clues from the CamCAN study

11/Jan/24 – Professor Rik Henson (University of Cambridge, UK)

BSRA Annual Scientific Meeting 2023

6th – 8th September 2023, University of Westminster

Nutrition and Biology of Ageing Meeting logo

BSRA ASM 2022: Joint BSRA and Biochemical Society Scientific Meeting

12-14 September 2022, University of Kent, Canterbury

Metabolism of Ageing Abstracts

BSRA ASM 2021: Joint BSRA and Biochemical Society Scientific Meeting

6th to 8th September 2021

4th Interventions in Aging Conference

19th to 21st October, 2021

BSRA ASM 2019: Joint BSRA and Biochemical Society Scientific Meeting

1st to 3rd July 2019

BSRA ASM 2018 BSRA 68th Annual Scientific Meeting

6-8th September 2018, Oriel College, Oxford

Lipid Mediators in Ageing and Disease

5 - 6 January 2017, Aston University, UK

BSRA ASM 2016: Evolution and the Biology of Ageing

The School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Durham University on the 4-6th July 2016