Previous grant winners

The people below have all successfully been awarded a grant from the BSRA in its support of the ageing research.

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Vacation Studentship Grant: Dr Nathan Hodson, Dr K Bowden-Davies, Ms. Medha Shashidharan, Manchester Metropolitan University (SG_001_23)
Vacation Studentship Grant: Ms. Hannah Chapman, University College London (SG_002_23)
Vacation Studentship Grant: Dr Eurico Neto, Northumbria University (SG_003_23)
Travel Grant: Dr Samir J Morsli, University of Cambridge (TG_001_23)
Travel Grant: Mr Bowen Xu, University College London (TG_002_23)
Publication Grant: Ms Ciara Angeli Juan, Ulster University (PG_001_23)


Consumables Grant: Mr Vladimir Belhac, Loughborough University (CF5_22)
Consumables Grant: Dimitra Tsaroucha, University of Bradford (CF6_22)


Consumables Grant: Dr Christopher Cooper, University of Huddersfield (CF3_21)
Consumables Grant: Mr Charles Stewart, Coventry University (CF4_21)
Publication Grant: Dr Bradley Elliot, University of Westminster (PG2_21)


Consumables Grant: Dr Simon Tual-Chalot, Newcastle University (CF1_20)
Publication Grant: Dr Mark McAuley, University of Chester (PF1_20)