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The BSRA receives no government funding for its research and is wholly reliant upon private sources to further its work.

Current Research

Having funded the first year costs, the BSRA is committed to secure total funding of £54,750 to the end of a three year PhD studentship at the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease.

This research focuses on how muscle ages, and how it might be treated with stem cells. If we can maintain muscle function as we age it will help us prolong our independence and continue to enjoy everyday tasks. In so doing, we will also reduce the chance of falls and hip fracture, two major problems for our ageing society.

Why donate to the BSRA?

Research into the biology of ageing has never shown greater promise or greater prospects for the rapid improvement of the lives of older people.  A lack of dedicated funding for ageing research means that not enough academics are focussing on this important area.

How you can help

Your donation, whatever its size, will help us to maintain the vitality and sustainability of this key area of research. As a result, we will see advances in knowledge of the underlying ageing process as well as all-important improvements in quality of later life.

Some examples of what your donation can do:

£10-100: Supply an essential reagent for a research project, such as a chemical that reveals areas of a cell undergoing damage

£100-1,000: Enable a scientific secondment in the research group an expert in another field to help tackle ageing. For example, enabling expert clinicians and geneticists to work together

£1,000-10,000: Complete a pilot study to test a new idea, such as gathering data on how brain cells change with age

£10,000-100,000: Investigate a problem in the biology of ageing, such as a study to understand how a drug slows ageing in a model system

The BSRA can leverage your donation in order to attract higher levels of funding to support research. For example £5000 funds a small initial research project that helps to secure further funding of up to £500,000 from a Research Council or other large funding body.

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Good health is key to a happy old age. The science of ageing has reached a point at which even small amounts of carefully targeted funding will yield great social returns.

Leaving a gift in your Will helps us to continue to support excellent scientific research into the ageing process where the impact will be an improvement in quality of later life. To find out more click here.