Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board meets to discuss funding applications and to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee serve for a maximum of 3 years and consist of world leading research scientists and lay members who also serve on the BSRA Development Committee. Lay members are invited to serve by the Trustees for their charitable or fundraising expertise in line with the needs of the research strategy.

  • Professor Paul Shiels (SAB Chair, University of Glasgow, UK)
  • Professor Richard Aspinall (Coventry University, UK)
  • Professor Dawn Bowdish (McMaster University, CA)
  • Dr Paul Morgan (BSRA Trustee representative)
  • Dr Jonathan Quinlan (University of Birmingham, UK)
  • Dr Nuno Raimundo (Penn State University, US)
  • Dr Delphine Rolando (Benevolent AI)
  • Dr Jennifer Tullet (University of Kent, UK)
  • Dr Oliver Witard (King’s College University, UK)