The BSRA aims to encourage and support research that will ultimately help people slow biological ageing and thereby remain healthier and free of disease for longer. 


To achieve these aims the BSRA needs to work with and for all stakeholders: including our members, the general public and donors.


Together, the BSRA will help people live longer and healthier lives.


It will achieve this aim by:

  • Bringing scientist members together to support each other and discuss the best research avenues to understand and slow human biological ageing, including research carried out in model organisms and in vitro.
  • Educating the general public on what we know about the biology of ageing and need for further evidence-based research
  • Advocating for more funding for high quality research on ageing through engagement with policy makers and key opinion leaders
  • Raising money to provide grants to support excellent research into ageing 
  • Enabling translation of research by relevant stakeholders including industry developing interventions, clinicians and public health practitioners.

If you have any queries about our research strategy please contact