Seminar Series

BSRA seminar series

BSRA is pleased to run a series of webinars covering many aspects of the biology of ageing.

All seminars will start at 4.00pm and members will receive the webinar link by email.

Want to attend? Email to be added to the event list.

Speaker Lineup

11/Jan/24 – Professor Rik Henson (University of Cambridge, UK)
Effects of mid-life activities and cardiovascular health on late-life cognition: clues from the CamCAN study

01/Feb/24 – Professor Nazif Alic (UCL, UK)
Programming longevity in the fruit fly

04/Apr/24 – Professor Claudia Cavadas (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
Neuroendocrine strategies to tackle aging

02/May/24 – Dr Adam Frost (Altos Labs, USA)
Regulated mitochondria morphology

06/Jun/24 – Professor Laura Niedernhofer (University of Minnesota, USA)
Endogenous DNA damage as a primary driver of aging

04/Jul/24 – Dr Viktor Korolchuk (Newcastle University, UK)
Autophagy as an anti-aging programme