Board of Trustees

Our voluntary Board of Trustees meets at least twice a year in addition to our AGM. Members report on finance, strategy, communications, fundraising, scientific meetings and membership. New Trustees are nominated by members and elected by ballot at the charity’s AGM. Trustees are appointed for a minimum of three years.

David Weinkove (Chair)David Weinkove

David is an Associate Professor at Durham University. His research focuses on ageing in the nematode worm C. elegans. He discovered mutations in bacteria that slow C. elegans ageing by altering bacterial metabolism. He co-founded Magnitude Biosciences, which provides research services in C. elegans to companies across the world. A BSRA Trustee from 2014-2019, he took up the Chair in 2022.

Dr Cathy Slack (Secretary)

Cathy is a Lecturer in Biosciences at Aston University. Her research uses the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, to investigate nutrient signalling pathways and their impact on healthy ageing.

Dr Neil Martin (Treasurer)

Neil is a lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Loughborough University. His research centres around the role of ageing and exercise on skeletal muscle cell metabolism, with a particular focus on mTORC1 regulation.

Prof Lorna HarriesLorna_Harries

Lorna is Professor in Molecular Genetics and head of the RNA-mediated disease mechanisms group at the University of Exeter Medical School. Her research interests include -omics approaches to the study of human ageing and age-related disease processes in man.

Dr J Pedro de Magalhaes

Dr de Magalhaes is a reader at the University of Liverpool and leads the Integrative Genomics of Ageing Group ( His lab studies the ageing process and how we can manipulate it to fend off age-related diseases and improve human health.

Dr Marina Ezcurra

Marina is a Lecturer of the Biology of Ageing at Biosciences, University of Kent. Her research is focused on understanding how host-microbiome interactions affect ageing of the host nervous system (

View Marina’s trustee profile.

Adrian Cull

Adrian is the founder of the Live Forever Club providing scientific research-based information on ageing and longevity to a wide non-academic audience. He is also an experienced IT business analyst in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Bradley Elliot

Brad is a Senior Lecturer in Human Physiology and lead of the Translational Physiology Research Group at the University of Westminster. His research interests focus on understanding losses in human muscle and metabolic function with ageing, with particular focus on the endocrine signatures of biological ageing.

View Bradley’s trustee profile.

Paul Morgan

Paul is a Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and Metabolism at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has a broad range of interests in physiology, nutrition and metabolism. Broadly speaking, his current primary interests are on the integration of exercise and diet in-vivo across the lifespan, with a predominant focus on protein metabolism and musculoskeletal deterioration in ageing.

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Adam Rolt

Adam is a Postdoctoral Researcher based in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board meets to discuss funding applications and to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee serve for a maximum of 3 years and consist of world leading research scientists and lay members who also serve on the BSRA Development Committee.  Lay members are invited to serve by the Trustees for their charitable or fundraising expertise in line with the needs of the research strategy.

  • Professor Professor Anne McArdle (Chair)
  • Professor Thomas Kirkwood CBE
  • Professor Linda Partridge DBE
  • Professor Tim Skerry
  • Professor Susan Ozanne
  • Professor Graeme Close
  • Professor Richard Aspinall
  • Ms. Sue Armstrong

Development  Board

The Development Committee is chaired by Ian Taylor, former MP and Science Minister, and consists of noted academics and philanthropists and is charged with developing the fundraising profile and activities of BSRA.

  • Ian Taylor (Chair)
  • Kingsley Manning
  • Dr David Weinkove (Outreach liaison BSRA)
  • Richard Faragher (Chair SAB)
  • Claire Stewart (Chair, BSRA trustees)
  • Ms. Sue Armstrong
  • Professor Anne McArdle (ex Officio)