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Call for Nominations to the Board of Trustees The British Society for Research on Ageing BSRA is seeking nominations to appoint to their Board of Trustees The BSRA is a charitable incorporated organisation that was formed as a Society in 1939 by researchers studying the biology of ageing It works to promote and support research

Nutrition and Biology of Ageing Meeting 12 14 September 2022 University of Kent Canterbury This is a joint event between the British Society for Research on Ageing BSRA and the Biochemical Society There is an ongoing demographic shift with populations ageing globally and an urgent need for strategies to improve age related health Recent research into the

Professional Internship at the British Society for Research on Ageing Promoting research on the biology of ageing to address major societal challenges Supervisor Dr Marina Ezcurra society trustee and lecturer in the Biology of Ageing at U of Kent Improvements in healthcare and nutrition mean that we now live longer than ever before but with

The British Society for the Research on Ageing BSRA announces its new Chair biology of ageing researcher and entrepreneur David Weinkove Associate Professor at the Department of Biosciences Durham University and CEO of Magnitude Biosciences Ltd Dr Weinkove s appointment comes in a booming era for ageing research characterised by increasing investment in companies working on

The BSRA is pleased to announce that our annual scientific meeting on the topic Ageing and Nutrition will be co organised with the Biochemical Society and will take place in September in Canterbury More information to follow

The Catalyst Awards are part of the UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge and delivered in partnership with Zinc Apply for funding and support to turn research into products and services for healthy ageing Your project must develop innovative high risk and high reward ideas to help people remain active productive independent and socially connected across generations