Professional Internship at the British Society for Research on Ageing

Professional Internship at the British Society for Research on Ageing: Promoting research on the biology of ageing to address major societal challenges

Supervisor: Dr Marina Ezcurra, society trustee and lecturer in the Biology of Ageing at U of Kent

Improvements in healthcare and nutrition mean that we now live longer than ever before, but with ageing comes frailty and deterioration of physiological functions, leading to large burdens for societies and healthcare systems. The magnitude of this challenge urgently requires new strategies to improve age-related health. The understanding of the biology of ageing is advancing rapidly and holds significant promise for improving health in older age and was recently announced as a critical healthcare mission by the UK government.
The British Society for Research on Ageing, a charity focused on research to understand the biology of ageing as well as public understanding of ageing research, has an important role in promoting industry, policy makers and scientists working together to improve age-related health.
The internship is focused on science communication and involves working with the supervisor and other trustees to communicate ageing research to policy makers, stakeholders, society members and members. Tasks include supporting with developing a special edition of the journal Biogerontology, organising a scientific conference, processing grant applications and communications through the website, social media and newsletters.

Contact details: Marina Ezcurra

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