Call for Nominations to the Board of Trustees

Call for Nominations to the Board of Trustees

The British Society for Research on Ageing (BSRA) is regularly looking for new trustees to help run the society. As well as during the annual call for nominations to the Board of Trustees, it is possible to nominate yourself at any time.

The BSRA is a charitable incorporated organisation that was formed as a Society in 1939 by researchers studying the biology of ageing. It works to promote and support research on the causes and effects of ageing. In particular, it seeks to bring researchers on the biology of ageing from different fields and different locations together for a common purpose. As part of this mission, it organises an annual conference that brings researchers together from across the world. It is also engaged in education and outreach, and funds research into the biology of ageing.

As part of a highly ambitious wider programme of work, we’re particularly focussing on raising awareness of the BSRA across the breadth of the UK research community in ageing, both within academic settings and in industry, with the aim of providing a strong evidence base in a fast-moving world of innovation in the field.

Trustees are volunteers that coordinate and manage the finances, strategy, communications, fundraising, scientific meetings and membership of the Society. New Trustees are elected by ballot of the members and are appointed for a minimum term of service of three years. Within this period Trustees are expected to take on specific responsibilities that, where possible, align with their skills and interests.

We are looking for enthusiastic Trustees that are prepared to devote a reasonable amount of time on a regular basis to support the Society in our strategic priorities. We are looking for skills and/or experience from across a wide field of ageing biology. We welcome applications from all career stages, including Early Career Researchers (ECRs) as we seek to increase ECR representation at board level.

To nominate yourself for election to the Board please send in a 2-page CV and short paragraph outlining how your skills/experience could support the society.

Please send your nomination to

For further information, please contact Dr Paul Morgan, current secretary of BSRA, on

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