Ageing Research

The BSRA is committed to funding, supporting and disseminating high quality research into the biology of ageing. Support is available for active researchers with substantive posts at any UK institution or research institutes which are interested in the biology of ageing and who would normally be eligible for membership of the BSRA. Applicants must a hold a PhD in a relevant subject, and be employed at their institution for the duration of the project.

Areas of research which could potentially be supported include but are not limited to:

  • The fundamental bioscience of ageing, including the identification of ageing mechanisms.
  • The role of nutrition in ageing
  • Ageing and immunity
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Sensory and cognitive ageing
  • Development of new model systems

A copy of our research strategy can be downloaded here

A copy of our conflict of interest policy can be downloaded here

A copy of our data protection policy can be downloaded here

View the ethical principles that guide our practice, operations and behaviour.

The BSRA is committed to the 3Rs (refinement, reduction and replacement) of animals in research. We support the principle of using animals in research when it is necessary to advance understanding of ageing where there is no alternative that can be used to find out the same information without using animals. The following link is to the Association of Medical Charities statement on the use of animals in research which BSRA supports –

If you have any queries about our research strategy or other governance issues please contact