Laboratory consumables

Laboratory consumables: Funds of up to £500 are available for the purchase of laboratory consumable items or specialist equipment to pump prime an experiment related to the biology of ageing, or to finalise a current set of experiments.



Doctoral and post-doctoral scientists (up to 10 years post-PhD) who are based at a UK institution and conducting research related to the biology of ageing are eligible to apply for funding. Applicants must currently hold BSRA membership. In 2020 priority will be given to those individuals who’s research has been adversely affected by Covid-19.



Applications for laboratory consumables funding may be submitted at any point throughout the year. The BSRA allocates a fixed sum of £2000 annually to support applications for laboratory consumables. Once these funds have been utilised we will not be able to support further applications.



To apply for funding from the BSRA please download and fill in the funding application form, clearly indicating which type of funding you are applying for. Please email the completed application form to

BSRA Funding Application Form


Terms and conditions

  • Successful applicants must acknowledge the BSRA funding in all of their research activities which relate to the award. For example, the BSRA logo must be presented in all conference presentations and the BSRA must be acknowledged in all publications. The BSRA logo can be found here :
  • Successful candidates must provide feedback to the BSRA, outlining how this funding has been used, the benefit to the applicant and how this activity is important for ageing research. This summary will be used for the BSRA newsletter and posted to the BSRA webpage.
  • Successful applicants must use @B_S_R_A in all social media announcements relating to the award and related research activity.
  • Funds cannot be used to pay for staff salaries.
  • In the event of a submission being unsuccessful, we are unable to give feedback.
  • The final decision of the grant panel is not subject to appeal.